The Journal of Transcatheter Interventions (JOTCI), launched in 1993 as Revista Brasileira deCardiologia Invasiva, is the official publication of the Sociedade Brasileira de Hemodinâmica e Cardiologia Intervencionista.


The Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Pedro Beraldo de Andrade, who was preceded by Dr. Áurea J. Chaves (2007-2018), current Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, and by Dr. Adriano Caixeta (2003-2006), Dr. Expedito Ribeiro (1996-2003) and Dr. Marco Antônio Perin (1993-1995).


Keeping abreast with the most modern editorial trends, the JOTCI is no longer available in its printed version and has adopted the continuous online publication of its articles as from 2018. This model values the potential of new contents, an aspect that deserves attention in a field of daily advances, such as interventional cardiology.


This new model also brought changes in the flow of manuscript evaluation and in the editorial team. The national and international editorial boards have undergone revision and new associate-editors have been appointed. The journal layout has also changed: it is more modern and attractive, assuring reading fluidity.


Thus, we understand that the debate about percutaneous intervention in cardiac, peripheral and cerebrovascular diseases in Brazil and Latin America can take a new configuration, that is, be stronger and more credible.