J Transcat Intervent.2019;27:eA201903.

The harmonious and necessary interaction with social media

Pedro Beraldo de Andrade

DOI: 10.31160/JOTCI201927A201903

Description of rare diseases, special patients or situations, and innovative diagnostic or therapeutic approaches comprise the objectives of the Case Reports published in the Journal of Transcatheter Interventions (JOTCI). Considering the manuscripts submitted after the reformulation of the journal, this type of article accounts for approximately 40% of materials received by the editorial production. However, how can we confront the traditional literature with the reality and current speed of some social media, such as Twitter, which enable immediate and unrestricted reporting of contents, with instantaneous feedback by other users? Apparently the answer looks like a revolutionary platform, based on shared knowledge, and recently entitled Twitterature.,

It is not a matter of facing changes, but moving together with it. Scientific publication is permanent, despite its limited capacity of achieving the target audience as fast as desired by authors. The rigor and academicism involved in the evaluation process confer robustness to content. Therefore, it is up to us – the editorial team – to fulfill the aspiration of desirable speed, so as to adjust ourselves to modern times and new generations, without breaking the precepts of good practice involving research in humans. The internationalization of our journal, with simultaneous versions in Portuguese and English, has attracted interest from foreign authors and been fruitful, as confirmed by Case Reports from Spain, Mexico and United States. The possibility of sharing videos in the online version of the publication, as recently employed by Oliveira et al., gives a contemporary appeal to disseminating materials, following the trends adopted by other important journals.


The harmonious and necessary interaction with social media