J Transcat Intervent.2019;27:eA201723.

Guidewire fracture during percutaneous coronary intervention

Bruna Vieira Bellettini, Péricles Pretto, Danilo Spricigo Peressoni Castro

DOI: 10.31160/JOTCI201927A201723


Rupture and entrapment of a guidewire are rare complications of percutaneous coronary intervention; nevertheless, they deserve attention due to the possible outcomes. We report the case of a patient undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention for treatment of unstable angina. During the procedure, the guidewire fractured in the left main coronary artery and migrated to the left anterior descending artery. Another invasive procedure was necessary to remove the fragment retained in the coronary circulation. There are many treatment options, and the approach must be individualized, according to the clinical and hemodynamic conditions of the patient and position of the fragment.

Guidewire fracture during percutaneous coronary intervention